IT division

Chief of Division Kaei Hiroi

IT division is newly established in 2007. We haven’t seen anything yet. However we will work with all our heart.


The basic principle of IT division is “Carry my own weight, and all that”. Please act your part well. To act your part leads to challenge. Challenge leads to motivation. And you have your whereabouts. That is the starting point for your furture. We will prepare the environment as possible as we can. Have motivation and act self-governing.


Please always act thinking about how much profit you are creating. Of course the value of people in a company cannot measured only by profit. However it is true that unless there is profit, the company cannot be run. Please always act thinking about your value in our company.


Please think that you have to make your own career. It follows your raw power. Other way round, you have to continue to do your efforts even if you are burdensome. If the direction is right, the results follow you.

Atmosphere, event etc.

Dress code or time is relatively free. Moreover, it is at home working place. Sometimes we have lunch surrounding our president. The thought of operator is a good stimulus for us. Above all, there is a chance to wear a costume at Christmas. How can we amuse the children who come to our pharmacy or clinic? This is the time your idea is lambent. Though it is a volunteer job, this will be a present for you yourself when Christmas is ending.

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