Yuzuki Pharmacy

Supervisor pharmacist Asaaki Matsuoka

The quota is taken by the person who works. This is my motto.

Surrounding environment

Setagaya, Setagaya-ku, there are public institutions, including the ward office and tax office. There are many passengers by day and there are new fancy shops in the good old streets. The pharmacy located in such old and new spirited town.

About the job site

From 40% to 60% of our partner hospitals are pediatric, dermatology and internal medicine (circulatory organ and diabetes). 30% of our prescription is from otorhinology or national or university hospitals at a distance. Our pharmacy’s stance lies perfectly between a gate pharmacy and one’s personal pharmacy. Since we accept various prescriptions, we can do special dispensing including putting together several drugs and tablet grind. We have many repeaters and some of them pick on pharmacists. To answer the expectation we pile up the acquirement of knowledge and aim at attractive medication teaching. Some say “Shall we make the salary system complete commission system by nomination to understand the accomplishment?”

Pharmacists in the future

Now, the pharmacy business is facing a time of reorganization. Pharmacist administration is compressed by “Saturation of separation of pharmacy and clinic” and ”Measures of medical expense reduction along with low birthrate and longevity”. Subsequent it followed the merger by absorption and withdrawal from the business. Under reversed Pharmaceutical Affairs Law which is forced in June of 2009, pharmaceutical service has loosened the regulations including and “registered distributor can sell agent”. We cannot point out all of them. How will pharmacist of the pharmacy live in the future? What is the ideal image of a pharmacist for patients or the public? A pharmacy will be able to answer the question about the assignment as a medical agency. I think the answer is “Pharmacists should aim at being equal to doctors and use the expertise for the patients.” As mentioned above, Yuzuki pharmacy has thought the patients first for a long time. We have worked thinking “time and money efficiency” the second. Even though an adverse wind is blowing against the pharmacy business, I have confidence we can survive.

At the end

People who have purposes are lively. We would like to support such people. We would like to talk with people who ascertain the future as people who have purpose as medical people and we would like to accomplish good work together. We are really looking forward to application from such person.

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