IT business

We have begun IT business to fuse the merit of dispensing pharmacy and information technology and create new value since 2007. The concept is “Social medication”. This is a new type of healthcare, so we offer a suggestion. This is a system where the entire society supports personal health. The key word is “Management of medical information”. Everyone cares about everyone’s health, and feelings take shape. We aim at the construction of the next generation’s infrastructure.
Furthermore, we are preceding other original projects. If you are interested in them, please contact us. Moreover, we are making websites as needed. We offer total services from domain acquisition to creating, publication and operation of websites. We offer low cost services. 。

Medically-related project

We are now preparing a new service for the patients of our dispensing pharmacy. We will continually expand the services and accordingly appreciate your kind understanding. If you are interested, please directly contact us.

Create website for SMEs

 Now preparing detailed page.

Other projects

 Now preparing detailed page.

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