Wanted Wish for costumed Santa Clause to visit clinics

The Christmas season is around the corner. I am Hiroi, the area manager for the Christmas season and am in charge of projects and costumes.

Speaking of Christmas, there is Christmas at Yuzuki Pharmacy. We visited 7 institutes (4 clinics and 3 pharmacies) in costume in the Setagaya ward last year. We had a chance to meet more than 150 children in total. It was much appreciated and we are going to have the third event. (Click here to look at the pictures taken last year)

This year we put a call out for clinics who would like our visits. Basically, it is limited to pediatrics in the Setagaya ward. However, even though your institutes are located in another area, you are encouraged to contact us. We are willing to talk with you. Please note that if there will be many applications, we can only select a few.

Contact us:
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  In charge:Hiroi Kaei
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