Information of Yuzuki Pharmacy Christmas 2009

Yuzuki Pharmacy Christmas 2009

The Christmas season is around the corner. Yuzuki pharmacy’s Christmas event will be held continuously since last year.
Speaking of our Christmas, Relakuma and Poussin-santa who had presents will visit pharmacies and clinics. If you encounter them by chance, please roll out the red carpet for them. People who are not able to meet them on that day, you can see the appearance of Christmas event which will be placed in the homepage later. Reindeer Murakami(third-generation) is stationed in Yuzuki Setagaya branch.

The time and date, Dec.25th 2009

  • Place to visit(AM)

    Loyalty, Yuzuki pharmacy, Tsuda paediatric

  • Place to visit(PM)

    Yuzuki Komazawa branch, Komazawa ENT. Inami paediatric, and others.

Visit time may change depending on Relakuma and Poussin’s physical condition.


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