Yuzuki Pharmacy Christmas 2008

Youzuki pharmacy’s largest annual Christmas event was held.

Arrangement of this year

  • Continuous presence at Yuziki pharmacy

    Reindeer Ogata(second-generation)

  • Storm troop against pharmacies and clinics

    Relakuma Kitano

    Poussin Hiori(original reindeer)

Christmas presents

  • Demonstration by inflating of various balloons (Mickey Mouse, Heart and Doraemon)
  • Presenting of balloons

Storm troop started from Pharmacy Loyalty and visited Yuzuki pharmacy, Yuzuki pharmacy Komazawa branch, Tsuda paediatric, Inami paediatric, Komazawa ORL and Maeda paediatric. Thank you very much for the warm applause by the staff of Lawson and Familymart. Those present who are (un)fortunately around there, we apologize for the noise.

Natikerreogy .

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